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One of the most highly developed skills that humans have is facial perception.

The face is one of the greatest representations of a person.

Furthermore, facial expressions enable us to further comprehend what is going on during situations that are very difficult and/or confusing.

Body language and body posture are other social cues that we use to interpret how someone else is feeling.

Other than facial expressions, body language and posture are the main non-verbal social cues that we use.

Gestures are specific motions that one makes with the hands in order to further communicate a message.

Furthermore, studies have found that people feel more connected to each other when they are in closer proximity to each other.Certain gestures such as pointing gestures, can help direct people's focus to what is important that is going on around them.Proximity represents the physical distance and/or closeness between people.Real-world examples show the degree to which we seek and follow gaze cues may change contingent on how close the standard is to a real social interaction.People may use gaze following because they want to avoid social interactions.

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