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I rub my hard cock against a super soft and bouncy 48" beach ball that has been out in the sun on the pool deck!

Mmm, the vinyl feels so warm and soft against my stiff erection!

I lube up the candle and slide it slowly into my asshole.

When i first started fucking myself in the ass i made notches in the candle, and as i got further i made new notches.

If you are lying across the top of the pillows beneath you, it makes the bag that your cock is in feel tight while still feeling really lubricated.

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Then I lay on top of the ball, hugging it and rolling back and forth as my penis glides back and forth oh, oh , oh, I fuck the beach ball like that until I`m ready to cum...

Having a friend next to you thrusting against his leather sofa is intense!

I also have sockem boppers, swimmies, and a real artificial vagina for a mini horse, all of which I use and enjoy!

I lube and fold the cushion, and hump into it, often using another as an artificial mount and have mouth contact with it while thrusting.

I eventually go rigid and ejaculate, in an intese release.

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