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How difficult is it for the victims of labour and sex slavery to return to normal lives in society?

Often, people are not willing to talk about the issue.Whenever you ask about the trafficking of women, you have to realize that the criminals transporting and selling people are also involved in other businesses, such as drug and arms trafficking. All information about this business and everything that surrounds it is well hidden. The local officials who benefit from the trafficking of women in one way or another also prefer to keep their mouths shut for as long as possible.Drugs, weapons, people – you can buy and sell it all. The victims of coerced prostitution are often psychologically crushed when they realize they will have to work as prostitutes, not as cleaning ladies, waitresses or plant employees as they were promised.They called the pimps to come and get the runaway girls back. If you asked me what journalistic investigations I would do if I had the time and money, my priority would be corruption within the NGOs that deal with trafficked women.My second priority would be to show how weapons, drugs, women and men are trafficked to destination countries as forced labourers. READ ALSO: Elusive Slave Owners UW: What is the common public opinion of human trafficking and sex slavery in the Eastern European states you covered in your investigation?

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