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Whether the team has been successful of late isn't really the question; it's, how to do you pay respect to that tradition in a way that invites and welcomes that long-time fan to make the move to Brooklyn?" Yormark points to his group's market research and investigation into what makes Islanders fans tick as the starting point for the campaign. Lost in the endless LOLWANGSNOWDIPIETROYASHINMAUSLOEUM insults thrown at the team on a daily basis is the almost familial connection former Islanders have with the people of Long Island.According to Ratner, accepting Prokhorov as majority owner "gives us a partner who adds to the financial strength of the venture.Mikhail will have primary responsibility for the basketball part and we will have primary responsibility for the arena and the real estate." Ratner originally planned to move the Nets across the Hudson River for the beginning of the 2009–10 NBA season.In an interview with Newsday's Arthur Staple, Yormark teased his grand plans to woo established and prospective Islanders fans to Brooklyn with a new slogan - Tradition Has A New Home - and a focus on the team's longstanding ties to the Long Island community.From the story: "We discovered early on that the hard-core fans on Long Island feel that they have a long-lasting tradition with the four Stanley Cups.The site of the arena is adjacent to the site that Walter O'Malley wanted to use for a new stadium for the Brooklyn Dodgers in the early 1950s.(O'Malley's plan was rejected by the city, resulting in the Dodgers relocating to Los Angeles in 1958.) On September 23, 2009, Russian tycoon Mikhail Prokhorov reached a deal with Ratner to purchase an 80% stake of the Nets for 0 million, subject to Ratner acquiring financing for the arena project and control of the land by the end of the year in addition to the approval of three-fourths of the NBA board of governors.

It's on Jack Capuano, Garth Snow and (for now, at least) Charles Wang to do their part for the Brand, whatever that course of action might be.And the new fans in Brooklyn most likely won't be won over with 30-year old war stories.The best way - possibly the only way - to make the Islanders' transition to Kings County a success is by putting a winning product on the ice.The real cake is in a team that's a consistent playoff presence and a Stanley Cup contender year after year and not once a decade (if that).While the article settles once and for all the uniforms issue, nowhere in there is "winning games" noted as part of the plan.

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