Dating someone with cancer

My bf is also extremely supportive but I just don't know, I don't want to drag another person into my treatment/chemo/life when I'm not really guaranteed to have long years ahead of me. None of us have a long life garanteed I could be hit by a bus or drunk driver tomorrow.One of the reason's I have tried to keep her calm is to ensure the stress doesn't affect her immune system.

I'm trying to be discreet (at the beginning I called more) and text him once a week or more if I have news to share (he has been there for me for my problems) and I'm planning to do the same. She knows you re there so when she feels the need she will come to you hopefully. During the visit she said it sucks our 2nd date is in the hospital (which caught me off guard as I didn't think it would be regarded as a date) and she was telling me how great the the 1st date was and started kissing me.2 weeks later I got a job offer outside Glasgow and I would be starting on the 31st July.I texted her last week about her results and she informed me she has been diagnosed with bone cancer however it is in phase 1 and the doctors informed her that they expect her to fully recover.Her mum was diagnosed with the same bone cancer is the same area in the 80's which was treated and she has been fine every since.Sne supported me when I started suffering from home sickness and told she would be willing to wait till I could return permantly when I was struggling for a new job.

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