Wpf listview not updating

Hi Odd Veibust, Do you set the value of the 'Is Eco Generated' property from the UI or from code behind?If you change it from code behind, then the filter is not applied because a notification for a collection changed is not received by the Grid View.The In order to avoid refreshing the complete List View I do a simple comparison of the newly retrieved list with the current _item List, change items which are not the same and add/remove items if necessary.Does anyone know why my List View with following Code is not working?The topic Advanced MVVM Scenarios describes how to implement more advanced MVVM scenarios using the Prism Library.The MVVM pattern is a close variant of the Presentation Model pattern, optimized to leverage some of the core capabilities of WPF , such as data binding, data templates, commands, and behaviors.The problem is that the Grid View is not updated and removing item's if I set the property 'Is Eco Generated' to true on one (or several) of the items.The Grid View Data Column containing the same property does change though.

wpf listview not updating-42

The newly received data may contain less, more or the same number of items and also the items itself may have changed.

The item is deleted from the collection but the List View is not reflecting it.

The app has to be restarted to see that the item is deleted.

I checked it out with Snoop and the Items Source seems to be fine (and when I start Snoop, the List View displays me the My View Model.

My Collection, but when debugging with Visual Studio it shows me nothing?

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