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[A]t no point in the twentieth century did they attend more than 60 percent of overall Dutch births...

In her ethnographically based discussion of the lessons of Dutch obstetrics for Americans, Rothman sets the scene by discussing windmills, tulips, bicycles and Rembrandt, giving her readers over-romanticized pictures of Dutch midwifery and Dutch society.

Therefore, the woman no longer has the choice of a home birth...

The agreements for collaboration between the professional groups have been specified in the Verloskundig Vademecum (Obstetric Manual).

[M]any articles about birth in the Netherlands written by non-Netherlanders contain errors of fact and tone.

Perhaps because of its peculiarity, the maternal care system of the Netherlands is often misrepresented...Her description of the Netherlands as a "Mecca for Midwives" and the home of noninterventive obstetrics makes it difficult to believe that Dutch midwives once argued for the right to wield forceps or that Dutch midwives are beginning to outfit their offices with the apparatus for sonograms.The preference for primary care in Dutch obstetrics rests on a generally accepted screening system for identifying "physiological" and "pathological" pregnancies. defines the conditions that require midwives and general practitioners to refer their clients to specialists.We estimate that the time it takes a woman to get to the hospital from her home is, in the majority of women, roughly equal to the time it takes to mobilise the necessary specialists in the hospital.In emergencies at home, the midwife will be able to apply certain remedies themself, such as the administration of an intravenous infusion or the provision of basic life support.

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