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Their teacher, Norm Conard, gave them a short paragraph about Mrs. With his help, the girls began to reconstruct the life of this courageous woman.

Searching for her burial records, they discovered, to their surprise, that she was still alive, ninety years old and living in Warsaw. Sendler's life, which they eventually made into a short play, "Life in a Jar." The play has since been performed hundreds of times in the United States, Canada, and Poland, and has been broadcast over radio and television, publicizing the silent heroine to the world.

In the 1930s, at Warsaw University, she stood up for her Jewish friends.

Jews were forced to sit separately from "Aryan" students.

When the teacher told her to move, she answered, "I'm Jewish today." She was expelled immediately. Sendler was a senior administrator in the Warsaw Social Welfare Department, which was in charge of soup kitchens, located in every district of the city.

Actually, it was even worse than Auschwitz, which was a labor camp/death camp.

Treblinka, on the other hand, contained little more than gas chambers and ovens.

But I can promise that if he stays with you, he will die." Irena Sendler is 97 years old.

She hid the list in glass jars and buried them under an apple tree in her friend's backyard.

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