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The company has continually ranked among the top 10 for eight consecutive years.Today, Wegmans is still a family-owned regional supermarket with 95 stores in 6 states: New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, and Massachusetts.In 1986, Wegmans Federal Credit Union opens for business.In 1993, the company opens its first store outside of New York in Erie, Pennsylvania.In 1972, the company opens its first pharmacy inside a store.In 1974, the company acquires Bilt-Rite Chase-Pitkin.The company quit selling tobacco products in 2008 and even offered stop smoking programs to their employees.

When I asked to speak to the store manager I was Always told there was Not a store manage on duty.These carts are over sized, colorfully decorated and had a capacity to seat 2 children playing with fake steering wheels as well as a large area for groceries which their families would be consuming in the near future.I shop at Your store at least 5 to 6 times per week and have recently noticed that these children’s carts were being Used by Parking lot cart retrievers to transport large bags of Trash which they removed from foyer and outside containers.I hope I never have to write such a letter ever again. I always enjoy shopping in Wegmans when I visit my daughter who lives in Buffalo, N. I live in an apartment complex with about 500 apartments who used to do their shopping across the street when Pathmark was here. She was buying cheese and the young employee came over to the case and stood there while she was making a selection of goat cheese for us to have a cheese platter. We can afford to shop there and it would appear that management has some type of training to look at a customer by dress and determine if they belong. I had hoped that I may over come the displeasure I experienced and would once again return to shop, but I can’t!Sincerely Yours, Member number 6002 2915 5511 XXX Reply To the Wegman’s gang: Please bring a Wegman’s to Florida (Port Orange-Daytona-Lake Mary) I was home for Thanksgiving and OF course in Wegman’s everyday and bought Thanksgiving dinner for my brother and I have to tell you it was better than any 5 star restaurant. (westchester county) I am excited that Wegmans is opening in Harrison, N. Now we have to travel to go to Shoprite which is less convenient. We can only surmise that since we are not in our fancy clothes, we do not fit what the manager expected and assumed something negative. The stereo type training of what their customer is or should be or profile. I am not 100% sure if the liquor store is also owned by Wegman’s but that is where my unfortunate circumstance transpired…

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