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Once induction is accomplished, the patient is maintained under general anesthesia until the procedure (surgery, x-rays, biopsy, dental cleaning, or other procedure) is completed and the patient is permitted to awaken.

Induction generally begins with administration of a sedative.

Pre-anesthetic blood work can help identify medical conditions such as infection, anemia (a low number of red blood cells), low blood sugar, inadequate blood-clotting ability, liver disease, or kidney disease.

Surgery is not the only time when anesthesia is recommended.Veterinary technicians observe and monitor patients that are under general anesthesia.Additionally, monitoring equipment is generally used to constantly measure heart rate, breathing, oxygen use, and blood pressure.Some are administered by injection, whereas other forms are inhaled through an anesthetic mask or breathing tube that is connected to an anesthesia machine. Local anesthesia may be an option if your veterinarian needs to remove a small growth on your dog’s skin, perform a biopsy of a growth or an area of skin, use stitches to close a small cut or wound, or perform any type of minimally painful procedure during which unconsciousness is not required.General anesthesia is used for more invasive types of surgeries or for procedures likely to be very painful.

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