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Nikki and Mac Kenzie both have a crush on Brandon Roberts and compete for him. She is the best artist in Westchester Country Day and wants to be a professional illustrator or an art teacher when she grows up.Although her success in the music industry and having her own TV series in the seventh book may deter that.It is insinuated that Brandon's grandparents are not related to him by blood, rather good friends of his parents when they were alive (this fact was confirmed in a personal interview with Rachel Renee Russell).

She might also be friends with Mackenzie Hollister in book 11.

Nikki and Mackenzie both have a crush on Brandon, but Brandon is not impressed by Mac Kenzie as everyone else. In the debut of the book series, Brandon makes his first interaction with Nikki when Jessica trips Nikki in the lunch room and he then helps her up.

In Tales from a Not-So-Popular Party Girl, Brandon and Nikki go to the Halloween dance together.

Nikki is portrayed as an unpopular girl towards the CCP (cute, cool, popular) clique who, in the first installment, is new to Westchester Country Day Middle School.

She is the 9th most unpopular person at WCD, according to her self-written list.

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