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I would tell Henry that I didn’t like some of the songs. There were songs that, in my opinion, were rejects that maybe Whitney had turned down. That’s a part of the business that started to wear on me. There are people that hate the fact that you are doing well. I was fortunate to tour with him in 1981 on the Jacksons’ “Triumph” tour. I couldn’t go anywhere by myself — the ice cream truck, or up the street to my friend’s house to play — because my parents were afraid that someone would try to snatch me and take me away. [Singing] “If I had a lion’s mane, or a genie to give me…three wishes…” It’s a beautiful melody. It’s more about “if you wanna leave, just go.” As opposed to working things out. In the eighth grade, once things were really out of control, my mom and dad thought it would be best for me to have a tutor. It was a great opportunity for me, though at the time I didn’t see it that way. I didn’t have the high school prom, go to basketball games. I was always on the road; and my mom was very protective of me. Throughout your career, could you sing how you wanted, or were you frequently under direction to sing a certain way? One producer said to me, “Sing this part like Janet Jackson would.” I will never forget that. READ MORE The past few years have been a steady climb for comedian/actress, Tiffany Haddish (38).We first started taking notice of her talents on The Carmichael Show and Real Husbands of Hollywood, alongside Kevin Hart, Duane ? Were you conscious of what level you wanted to be at?

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My voice was still very soft and being developed then. I thought it was a blessing that she would say that. Kathy Sledge did “What’s So Hot About Bad Boys” with me.

Gill, who was dogged by rumours suggesting he was gay a decade ago, has been romantically linked to U. TV presenter Jillian Barberie Reynolds and singer Stacy Lattisaw.

My mom don’t care about what color Johnny Gill is!!!

He started to play the chords to “Let Me Be Your Angel.” It was written in our home. Even up to my last album with Cotillion, produced by Michael Masser. What about a song like “Attack of the Name Game,” on which you rapped? All my friends from my neighborhood came to the studio. My other friends did the background part: ”Slack you back, I’ve gotta slack attack…” Mariah Carey sampled that on her hit “Heartbreaker.” Years ago, I was in New York. They asked her some of her favorite singers, and she mentioned me.

I never cared as much for the uptempo, techno-style music. But it was like, “This is what you’re gonna do.” I never felt that was fair, even though I was only 15. Me and my mom would tell Henry, “These songs are not working, are not for Stacy, not the direction that we feel she should be going in.” They didn’t listen. Interestingly, Diana Ross had recorded “I Thought It Took a Little Time” and “Together,” while Dionne Warwick had recorded “Starting Over.” That was a beautiful song. We did a show together in Atlanta: me, Natalie, Sister Sledge, and Shannon.

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