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Now, however, Epiphone is a subsidiary company of the world famous guitar company, Gibson.

Epiphone provides an affordable alternative to the relatively higher priced Gibson guitars.

Southpawjam: The serial number "07038305" indicates; the first digit is the last digit of the two digits for the year of manufacture = 2000 and the third and fourth digits are the week it was manufactured 03 = 3rd week of January. Per your on-line data base dating this guitar was made in Korea in March of 2007 with a Production Number of 8305.

Hope this helps, kcbuck My method for the serial number decoding was per the Blue Book of Electric Guitars....

Enter the serial number in the serial number text box.

Enter the model of the guitar in the box below the serial number box.

Continue Reading In most cases, the serial numbers found on Epiphone guitars are found on the headstock, and the pattern they use really depends on which model and year your guitar was made.

If your Epiphone was made in the '80s and '90s, there's a good chance it follows a similar, but different, pattern such as "FYYMMRRRR." The "F," in this instance, stands for the factory code, and the "M" stands for the month it was created.

Dont know a lot about these numbers so take that with a pinch of salt, you could try posting your question here: and goto the forum link. I would guess the guitar is either a copy or eipiphone had samples made by prospective suppliers in the late eighties.It has an orange label inside the F-hole with the serial number 93166 on it.There is no serial number on the headstock and nowhere on the guitar or the label does it say where it was made.Thank you for your time and look forward to your reply. Hi, I have an Epiphone Riviera in wine red that I bought a few years ago.Hi there I am trying to date my PR 350e and find out country of manufacture. The guy who sold it to me said it was made in Japan in the very early 1970s, most likely 1971.

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