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The matchmaking service is something new for Badr, who has an extensive fashion background.

She operated a women’s clothing boutique a decade ago in downtown Asheville and recently returned to town and opened a new shop, Scout Boutique, in Biltmore Village.

It is primarily your way to gather enough information about your date’s personality that you can go home (practically sober and alone!

) at the end of the evening and confidently determine whether or not you’d ever like to see this person again.

There is a 40 question survey on our site that gets you into the “blackbook”, providing us with everything from basic contact info to some thoughtful insights into your dating history and personal preferences.

Here we go: Question: Can you tell me a little bit more about how Modern Black Book?

They theorize that it's because it's getting cold out and these guys either can't pay for heat in their own apartments or do not have actual apartments of their own.

The males I know (who all have good jobs) complain that they can never meet any nice single girls.

They tend to see a spike in requests from men they are seeing to move into their apartments / houses as Fall sets in and the temperature drops.

The females comlain that all the single guys they meet have either no job or very infrequent jobs.

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