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Remember when David Caruso's bare buns on takes place in a future in which sex is stripped of its association to love and passion.

Instead, it's an act with only one motive: Impregnation.

We had to wait three seasons for a sex scene as good as Jamie and Claire's wedding scene to happen, but it happened.

After 20 years apart, Claire and Jamie come together — and the stakes are high.

Charlotte is rendered completely unable to leave the house as a result.

In order to get her to rejoin society, Carrie and Miranda have to confiscate the Rabbit.

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“Maybe he’ll be gracious and give me a shirt or something.”) The handsome pastor and Kanye hit it off when Yeezy showed up to hear Wilkerson’s sermon a few years ago in Florida. “He’s a guy who’s taking big risks and he’s a guy who tries to follow his convictions, and there’s a lot there to admire.” Wilkerson even asked Kanye to design the cover for his book of faith, “Sandcastle Kings.” “If you look back at church history, the church always called upon great artists of their day to do work for them,” says Wilkerson.

She says she wants to see "all of him.", "Fucktage" Almost every member of the SAMCRO gang is getting it on in the explicit opening montage of an episode called "Faith and Despondency." Also note Wendy engaging in some battery-operated self-loving.

She’s conflicted because of her overwhelming attraction to the young Scot and the fact that she’s technically married to someone else in the 20th century. They figure it out in no time flat on their wedding night.

may hobnob with the entire Kardashian clan, hang with Justin Bieber and have a Paris Hilton look-alike wife, but the 31-year-old isn’t a man of Hollywood. In the series, Wilkerson and his wife of nine years, Dawn Cheré, try to find a permanent home for his hip, weekly sermons.

9, the Miami-based pastor, who presided over Kim and Kanye’s wedding in Italy last year, is bringing his unique brand of jeans-clad preaching to the small screen with his reality show, “Rich in Faith,” on Oxygen.

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