Whitelabeldating cupid

It’s very expensive to run a data site because you have to look after the technology and run customer care etc.“Our model works on a revenue share basis, we don’t take money from our partners until they start making some – we share the revenue from subscription 50/50.”“Yes, daters are aware of this when they sign up.Someone could be featured on any number of sites depending on their specifications. It is our job to get ‘our product’ (the dater) on as many shelves as possible.”“It started from my living room in Bracknell.I went to university on a Royal Air Force scholarship and studied Psychology and French.

“It’s easy for companies to have their own dating site using our platform, all they need is a link on their site – we power the site, look after all of the backend software, run customer service and provide a vast pool of singles to populate their sites.“The highly successful Guardian Soulmates used a third party platform but they brought it in-house around six to nine months ago and they’ve really suffered because of it.

By offering the platform to other companies they do all of the branding and marketing for their sites and we share profits.”“It’s great for media owners as they really can’t lose – it’s just another way of monetising their traffic.

Effectively a third of audiences are going to be single and online dating has really taken off.“Many of our clients are making £10,000 - £20,000 extra every month; it’s a very effective additional revenue stream.“We’re now the biggest site in the UK and now we have the majority market share in South Africa and Australia.”“We were based in Windsor and while it’s very pretty looking out over the castle and the park, London is the place for development talent.

We can offer the most targeted advertising to companies imaginable.

We know the exact physical attributes of our users as well as their location and the fact that they’re single.

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