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I always say that a man can fool you for 4 to 6 months, and then his true personality will always begin to show so go slow.

Maybe I’ll start a series of dating short men blog post featuring these women.

Since, I have sworn tall guys, anyone over 6’0″ off!!

There may be some truth to that, but as a woman who is 5’7″, I want to literally “look up” to a man, and not down or sideways.

If their head doesn’t at least come to my shoulders when we’re standing up, I’m NOT okay with that.

Dating them had nothing to do with their height, simply their personality and our compatibility.

How confident am I that you’ll find the women of your dreams?

If am man’s initial conversation is about how tall I am, and he’s full of questions about why I wear heels, and he’s seems preoccupied with my height – or his lack thereof – I keep it moving.

You may never have Gisele's perfect genes, but being a few inches taller than your partner is one step closer to at least almost fulfilling those "I'm a model!

I’ve dated men who are shorter than me, but not too much shorter.

Those on the shorter side sometimes feel like they have something to prove, and with that being the case, they totally kill it when it comes to professional success.3.

If a woman is taller than them, they won’t date them.

We dated for a couple of months and things simply didn’t work out.

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