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And he said they had another course of action, if they believed the Queensland Government had breached competitive neutrality principles."The south-east Queensland retailers will be able to lodge a complaint with the Queensland Productivity Commission, and they in turn will consider whether or not the principle has been broken," he said."But the reality is, it's a core component of national competition policy and that is that if you are a private business, you are one of these retailers, you are entitled to be able to compete fairly with Alinta which now has direct access to CS Energy."Treasurer and acting Energy Minister Curtis Pitt said other retailers were free to seek a similar or even better deal, but would not say if CS Energy was supplying Alinta with taxpayer-owned electricity at a discounted price."I can't give you an exact figure, I'm happy to get back to you with that answer," Mr Pitt said."But of course we would be encouraging other retailers to make contact with CS Energy to see if there's a possibility of even better pricing."I'm not playing favourites because this is a deal which has been done by a GOC which is responsibly acting in a commercial way."While CS Energy is a GOC, they still are required to act commercially and it's very important that any deals …

are commercial-in-confidence."Mr Pitt dismissed suggestions CS Energy would try to recoup any discount to Alinta by charging more to other retailers."In fact what we are hoping is that there will be a further encouragement of other retailers to try to strike similar deals with generators," he said.

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However, Nick Behrens said he believed those retailers would now be trying to negotiate a similar deal themselves.

Have a job that I still enjoy after 11 years :) My job is 24/7 shiftwork however which can make socialising hard.

Im an easy going person, energetic, can be a big joker never really take life to seriously I love to laugh..often at myself ;) I'm quick witted and look for that in others.

As much as I enjoy sitting on Hi, and thanks for exploring my profile and taking the time delve in behind my photo.

Can you judge a book by its cover, or a woman by her photo? I have an enjoyable career hey there, looking around to meet anyone who is chilled, likes to have fun and play.

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