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A Dodgers World Series would be a HUGE win for the entire country -- so says longtime L. and dude was straight beaming over his Boys in Blue -- declaring them America's team and saying this is absolutely their year. In 2015 no one talks about Mayor Jim Hahn because, well, few people remember that he even was mayor (Hahn also probably likes this level of relative anonymity).After a failed run for governor, Richard Riordan has assumed Stately Old Guy Authority Status, with his legacy as a civic leader clearly defined. Two years after shuffling off the civic coil, the man who never met a TV camera he didn’t like is at it again.But the one-time action hero’s second – and final – term ends in January 2011, meaning the race to Sacramento could get under way as soon as this fall.“When you’re mayor of a city like mine – with a budget deficit – you gotta keep your eye on the ball,” Villaraigosa, 56, told host Tom Cochran. I’ve said to people I’ll look at the issue of running for [governor] down the line.It probably won’t be via Leno, and I’d bet he won’t disclose his decision during an on-camera interview with either of the two brunette L. I mean, how else to explain the idea that such an underperforming mayor might be a worthy heir to Boxer, one of the most important California politicians of the last 50 years?

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DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES - Mayors in Los Angeles usually leave the stage quietly, never to be heard from in the same way again.After a three-year hiatus from the political limelight, Villaraigosa joins a heady field of candidates that is expected to grow larger in the months ahead.The Democrat’s decision comes after months of relatively quiet, subtle moves to drift back the conscious of the California electorate, including an extended “listening tour” through the drought-ravaged Central Valley.He is also calling for more public-private partnerships and the creation of a statewide lending institution to help renters buy homes. Newsom was the top choice of 26 percent of the likely voters responding to a December 2017 Berkeley IGS Poll, with Villaraigosa at 17 percent.Villaraigosa is closing the gap on front-runner Lt. Two Republicans — Rancho Santa Fe businessman John Cox and Assemblyman Travis Allen, R-Huntington Beach — each grabbed 9 percent, with state Treasurer John Chiang and former Superintendent of Public Instruction Delaine Eastin each getting 5 percent. Doug Ose, entered the race in January and was not included in the polling.

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