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When she’s not working, you can find her spending time with her family, usually at the beach.Angel brings a lot of energy and warmth to Laser Clinique.She has been working in the medical aesthetics field for 6 years starting in Beverly Hills with her esthetician license while finishing nursing school.Right out of nursing school Molly began working with plastic surgeons expanding her knowledge in aesthetics.

Plus, it’s nice for me to have an excuse to dress up and do my hair and my makeup and actually look presentable for my husband. Welcome to Let it Shine….new, revamped Funday Monday! Because we want this link up to be just that….chance to let it shine.

Molly Shea and Jason Klauber, better known as the duo Acrylics, spent the better part of two years crafting their debut album, Lives and Treasure, with three producers, resulting in a set of songs far more polished than their first EP, All of the Fire.

As on that release, synth pop and soft rock dominate here, but Acrylics’ sound is much wider than those two styles -- in fact, at times it’s eclectic to the point of being scattered.

Her passion for aesthetic nursing grows year by year and she soaks up every chance she can to expand her knowledge and proficiency in the field.

She prides herself on great customer service and she loves consulting with her clients to help them achieve optimal outcomes.

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