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So yeah happy squiggle/lynx is happy *giggles* Star looks so cute twirling her hair like that.

When Star is feeling particularly shy or embarrassed she often fondles with her braid :) Well it is almost Easter. I'm even more happy with how the thing im working on at the moment is going though. And thats just me halfway through the lineart : D Im glad I made this account cause its letting me explore things I never would have done on my bigger account.

The club then set up a branch for football competitions, known as 'San Sebastian Football Club'.

In 1910, King Alfonso XII gave the club his patronage as San Sebastian was a summer destination for himself.

They were formed on the 7th of September 1909, making the club 104 years old.

D., more commonly known as Real Sociedad, are a Spanish team currently competing in La Liga.

In his debut season, Aldridge scored 16 goals for the club, becoming their top scorer.

The club were founding members of La Liga in 1928, but during the Spanish Civil War in 1931, the club renamed to Donostia Football Club before returning to Real Sociedad after the conclusion of the civil war in 1939.The club have only ever won two titles, finishing runners-up on three occasions - most recently in the 2002/03 season.They have won the Copa del Rey on two occasions, in 19.They signed their first black player in 1990, when Dalian Atkinson joined the club from Sheffield Wednesday.Again, Aldridge was the top scorer with 17 goals, while Atkinson supplemented him with a second-highest total of 12 within the club.

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