Who is cullen jones dating

Melanie is in Boxman Loses the Election where she plays the girl at the beginning who gives Boxman the phone with Barack Obama on the line.She was the girl that tried to lick Ian's face in "MY NEW EMO HAIR! She was also sitting at the table in Ian Is Bored #2 and dancing at the beginning of Ian Is Bored #5.

She and Ian first met through the Smosh forums, although they barely knew each other.

Bronx-born swimmer Cullen Jones didn't just help power the U. relay swim team to Olympic gold - he just may have shattered the stereotype that blacks can't swim.

Although Jones isn't the first African-American swimmer to make the Olympic squad (he's the third), or the first to win a gold medal (he's the second), he figured in one of the most exciting races in sports history.

Clinton 'Ton' Jones has gained notoriety as a cast member of the S. Thu, QUINCY Jones is a legendary music producer who has worked with some of the biggest names in the business.

He's been making waves lately with his comments about Ivanka Trump and the late Michael Jackson.

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