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At age 18 masters stake a claim for a slave, similar to marriage.Steve Rogers has been feeling unsteady ever since he believed he lost Bucky Barnes.What if Jack was so impressed with the young Welshman that he wanted more than a one-off, and decided that with Ianto he could be the man he wanted to be if Torchwood hadn't gotten in the way?(On Hold)After the events of "Cyberwoman" and "Countrycide", Ianto is left emotionally broken.

He didn't bother it much do to that he thought he could settled for second best.

As with Barbuda, the name may derive from the appearance of the island's fig trees or from the beards of the indigenous people.

A common pseudoetymology renders Österreich as "Eastern Empire", but this is a false cognate.

Uther and Ygraine rulers of Camelot have invited Merlin to their kingdom for the first time in years.

WILSONFor Derek's 23ed birthday, Scott, Danny and Jackson decide its high time Derek lets loose and has a little fun.

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