Co executors disagree on liquidating land

As these two concepts converged, the Prudent Man Rule became less relevant.

In general, prudent investments for veteran accounts are defined as an interest or dividend paying account at a Federally-insured institution, or in court-appointed cases, in securities issued or guaranteed by the United States.

The primary investment guidance given to fiduciaries is found in the terms of each account's governing instrument.

There are major differences in the fiduciary's responsibilities under different types of accounts.

Fiduciaries administering personal or corporate accounts, either as trustee or agent, are guided by state statutes and the principles embodied in common law.

For employee benefit accounts, ERISA, with its implementing Department of Labor (DOL) regulations and opinions, provides statutory and regulatory guidance.

After the war, Schelvis began documenting what had occurred at the camp, which had far fewer surviving witnesses than concentration and labor camps. Sobibor was strictly an extermination camp, the purpose of which was to kill every Jew that entered the camp. Did they deliberately save one prisoner so that he could live to the age of 95 and testify many years later at the trials of aged men like John Demnanjuk?

First of all for my wife and the family and everyone else.” End quote Note that he dedicated his book to “the camp’s victims and survivors.” Survivors? Many people, including me, think that the German people are very intelligent. The stupid Nazis built a “death camp” way out in the boondocks, where they could kill Jews in secret, but then they left survivors, who would live to the age of 95, allowing them to write books about this “death camp.” Sobibor was a “whistle stop” on a one-track railroad.

Why take Jews way out in the Polish countryside to kill them when it would have been more efficient to kill them in Warsaw?

He founded the Sobibor Foundation in 1999, dedicated to remembrance of the camp’s victims and survivors.

Once asked why he devoted years of his life to enshrining the memory of the Holocaust, he said: “I did it for everyone who was murdered there. The purpose of the Sobibor camp was the kill the Jews, not to save Jews who would become “survivors” and testify at trials of Holocaust deniers.

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