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Two years ago, I got four bags for one-fourth of the regular price. Fancy meeting you here." Barry Bartel was a family friend; not real close, but close enough to have a coffee and a chat with, even though I hadn't seen him for almost a year.Coincidently, Barry's wife, Greta, and my wife, Sheila, were leaving tomorrow morning for a week long Caribbean cruise.Wouldn't it be easier just to hook up with a guy some place around home? I'll be real honest with you; I don't keep track of what Greta does or where she goes. " "Barry, if they know these guys well enough to go on a cruise with them, then we are probably too late already." "What do you mean? " "I hate to say it, but I am starting to think that way." Barry got up and walked over to the service counter. Sheila wanted to get a good night sleep before her trip and I decided that I wanted to watch the Steven Segal movie marathon. I did not have international coverage with my cell phone.I have always trusted her and never considered that she might be seeing any one." "Why would two mothers with school aged kids even think about messing around? It must be a couple of guys from work." Sheila and Greta both worked for International Casualty Insurance. Sheila used a cell phone that she got from work that did have world-wide service. Barry waited until he saw me park and then got us a couple cups of coffee.We got past the receptionist by claiming to have employment interviews with Kermit Templeton, the head of the personnel department. We weren't what you would call close friends, but we all got along. I was afraid of this." Kermit was not exactly happy to see us. " Barry and I sat and tried to get comfortable in a pair of chairs that were not designed for comfort. " "I have a damn good idea." Barry and I were smiling, but our host wasn't."We were hoping that you could tell us how many people in the company were on vacation this week." "Is that a question?A new bikini and a whole bunch of condoms." "Oh hell.

This is what you wanted to know." "Just curious, but do you know who is with whom?

When the coffee was gone, it was time for us to get to work.

The first stop was International Casualty Insurance.

Barry and I glanced over them quickly and then looked to Kermit.

"These two gentlemen are on the same cruise ship with Greta and Sheila.

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