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Moscow is truly the heart of Russia, and for one to truly appreciate Russia and its history, one must visit Moscow.

It is also the home to some of the most beautiful women in the world and the reason A Foreign Affair has located an office at the Cosmos hotel, one of the largest hotels in Moscow, and the very hotel you will be staying at during your tour.

Simply taking the Metro in Moscow is an adventure in itself.

The Metro Stations are considered "underground museums" and are well worth exploring (makes for a great casual date).

There are thousands of restaurants competing for your interest, serving up various culinary delights.

They come in all sizes, price ranges, and ethnic flavors.

There are also excellent walking tours such as Tverskaya Street or the Central Squares, where you will see famous skyscrapers, museums, theaters and churches.

There are the old favorites, such as Red Square, the Kremlin, and Lenin's Mausoleum; however, Moscow offers so much more.Many women from Ukraine, Russia, US, Belarus and other European countries visit our site daily.We take entire responsibility for the many important encounters that take place each.It's free, informative, and fun, so mark it on your calendar and be sure to call in and join the conversation!Kiev Singles Tours Poltava Singles Tours Dnepropetrovsk Singles Tours Donetsk Singles Tours Kharkov Singles Tours Odessa-Kherson Singles Tours Nikolaev Singles Tours St.

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