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Users accessed the app via cell-phone data plans and Wi Fi, where rooms like “Texas Search and Rescue,” “Cajun Navy,” and “Texas Navy” saved countless lives.

Outside of Zello, users posted messages about where they were trapped on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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And if all the power goes out, officials say the island could be without it for four to six months.More than half of the island's population—3.4 million people—live along its coastline, where the storm-vulnerable shore is a key feature of its tourism industry.“At first I thought I was safe here, but seeing as it has maintained Category 5, I kept doubting that my house will make it through,” Josefina Cortés told The Daily Beast, as she left her house in Arecibo to find safer ground in one of the 456 public schools on the island, which are set up to serve as storm shelters.“Since I can't drive, I really had no time to prepare for this,” Cortés said, while one of her neighbors tried to comfort her.Cortés is one of more than 1,000 evacuees, according to the governor of the island.In the footage, a power line topples and sparks, then catches fire in the middle of the road when it comes in contact with the damp ground.President Trump and Governor Rosselló declared emergencies in the commonwealth on Tuesday, and families all over the island have already stocked up on food and water.

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