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We watched them from the center of a pond, tangled in ropey lily pad stems.The pond was carpeted in silt so slippery it sent shivers up my spine.At the farm that summer weekend, the woman with the long red nipples couldn’t walk over rocks. By agreeing that the human body shouldn’t be worn as proudly as the blazer of a man on Wall Street, you agree to abandon your right to free thought.” We listened, dressed in wet clothes, and beneath them, encased in soaking swimsuits. I wiggled; Sarah pulled me toward the campsite, away from Dad, who continued to talk.They hurt her feet, and when she shrieked, it echoed. I wanted freckles too and once I’d used a marker to make some of my own. The naked girl with Dad was one of the ways he made peace with his life, with how he had acquired a wife, children and a car. When she walked toward him and the pond, her hipbones ground forward with one leg and back with the other. She hissed that Mom could not know – could know – and she nodded toward the girl.I wont swap other peoples pictures that is for them to... When I first saw her I knew that I had to get to know her.

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Our mother dodged his certitude, avoiding useless, unwinnable arguments in the spirit of self-preservation, and hoped we were smart enough to tune him out like she did.I love the thought of other people admiring my body.I'm new to the photo scene, but I am nude whenever possible.I'm what one would say is sexually liberated, definitely not gay. for a couple of years now and have no idea how many naked pics of me are out there but its a real turn on knowing people are seeing me naked .The only thing I will say is any pictures I have of others are for my eyes only .

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