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This wine's estate was hit by a volcano in 1981, but now a wall of lava is protecting an amazing patch of old vines. "I don't have any tattoos, but I can still serve weird wine.""We're in Spain now," says the distributor as he pours his 16th wine, a red called Planetes de Nin, made from 70 percent garnacha and 30 percent carignena. He ends with a 2012 Alto Adige from Elena Walch Family Estates. There's a lot more to building a wine list than just choosing the wines. We even try out different wine cradles, which are like little lounge chairs for older bottles, so they can lie tilted, which helps drain the sediment to one side so the sommelier can more easily avoid it as she lifts the cradle and pours the wine.That wine was made on a farm with chickens and yurts. Every detail matters, from the thickness of the glass (a delicate rim is better — less obstruction between the wine and your taste buds — but too delicate invites money lost on broken glasses) to the shape of the decanter. Chang has set up a mock service to test all of this; a conference room in her office building has become the restaurant, lights dimmed, candles flickering on the table.Each area within Seattle has its own culture and style. So, your lifestyles will really much depend on where you live. In fact, Seattle is known for being a city with nice and polite people!People are pretty laid back and tend to have good work-life balance. Big companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Starbucks, and T-mobile have their main offices in Seattle-Bellevue areas.Belinda Chang sits in the back room of a members-only wine cellar in Lincoln Park, cuing up a Lil Wayne song on her laptop."We poppin' Champagne / like we won a championship game," the singer raps."This playlist is all Champagne songs," Chang says. on a Wednesday in August, and Chang is gearing up for a full day of wine tasting, her third this week.In terms of city life, there are tons of great restaurants and, of course, coffee shops (Starbucks and Peets headquarters are here).Overall, it is a very beautiful city because it's located right at the Puget Sound (and Mount Rainier is very close). Traffic can be bad in Downtown, Capitol Hills, and U District areas. U-district is international-friendly (multicultural). West Seattle is secluded in its own area with beaches and little shops (but inconvenient in terms of transportation).

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Chang has to deduce, in one or two sips, not only if the wine is good but also how it compares with the hundreds she has already tasted, how it will go with the food, how well it might sell by the glass, all while listening to the distributor tell the story about the wine — something that the millennial audience cares about as much as taste. I just found a sparkling teroldego that's so fun." She laughs. She's practically made out of mud, she's so connected to the earth."Chang checks her watch. We have two minutes left.""Four more whites," he says, almost like a kid pleading for five more minutes before bed. The clock starts again.*** Two weeks later, I meet Chang to watch her pick out wine glasses.

There are tons of trails and parks, as well as many national parks nearby.

If you love snow sports, 4 major ski resorts are only 1-3 hours away (depending on where you live).

The job offer from Maple & Ash was enough to lure the Palatine native from her Manhattan condo to an apartment in Streeterville.

The move sent a few rumbles through the wine world.

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