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Non-LDS Canadian researcher, Yuri Kuchinsky, also believes that there were pre-Columbian horses.

Kuchinsky, however, believes that horses (smaller than our modern horses) were reintroduced into the west coast of the Americas about 2000 years ago from Asians who came by ship.

Scientists typically postulate that these animals died off due to climate changes and possible over-hunting.There are societies in which the horse was vital, such as among the Hun warriors of Asia and Eastern Europe, for whom horses were a sign of wealth and status, and for whom they were essential for food, clothing, and war.Yet, there is no known horse bone from this period in the archaeological record.In other parts of the world, however, horses continued to thrive and eventually evolved into modern-day horses.When the Spaniards came to the New World in the early sixteenth century, they brought horses with them.

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