Gears of war 2 stuck updating network settings

However, there is a registry fix available for Windows 10 Home users to take it off and is not too complicated.Log off and log in back or reboot the system to see the effect.Prior to the Anniversary it was possible through the Group Policy but now Microsoft has taken off the feature to disable the lock screen from it.However, Windows 10 Pro users can still incapacitate the lock screen by following the steps given below. Windows 10 includes ‘Smart Suggestion’ which appears above the File explorer on the Start menu and shows suggested apps based on app history and usage, but apps that appear over there are advertisements and belong to the store.This is one of the prominent issues of Anniversary Update, at times it doesn’t display the partitions on hard drive accurately.We advise our viewers to back up their data before performing the update as it may fail to detect the drive later.After the Anniversary you may find many unwanted app suggestions on the start menu as the update almost doubles their quantity. this error occurs during the Anniversary update and after it.

You may also find a new quill pen icon which represents an improved Windows Ink feature, if you don’t want it to be appeared on the taskbar, then just right click on the empty space of it and uncheck Show Windows Ink Workspace option.Registry is the hierarchical database of the computer so we advise our viewers to handle it carefully.Officially Microsoft doesn’t allow users to disable the intelligent personal assistant Cortana from Windows 10 operating system after the Anniversary Update.Few users have complained about the change of appearance in terms of adding more recommended apps on the Start Menu and pinning more icons on the Taskbar.Here in this article we will inform you about the issues that occur after the anniversary update in Windows 10 devices and how to resolve them in a few easy steps.

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