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Michigan Age Statutes The following chart highlights the basics of Michigan legal ages laws.Each state can have its own age limits for voting, marrying, consuming alcohol.However just touching with the intent being sexual gratification can be a crime if they are underage. This is very dangerous terroritory however it will all depend on the age of the minor. Even if there is no sexual contact, I would advise a 28 year old to take no parts in any type of intimate relationship with a minor.At the same time parents are lamenting that their children are growing up too fast, the kids are responding, “Not fast enough.” In the eyes of the law, however, the line is generally pretty clear in separating minors and adults.

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The state House on Thursday voted to repeal several that have remained on the shelf well past their expiration date.

But should it be a crime to swear in front of women or children? Michigan law prohibits performance of the national anthem in a public venue "except as an entire and separate composition or number and without embellishments or other melodies." The penal code also prohibits any part of song from being played as part of a medley. You may not even know what a huckleberry marsh looks like, but if you stumbled into one on private property, you would be committing a very specific type of crime.

What happens if a woman swears in front of herself? The Michigan penal code prohibits trespassing in certain areas — huckleberry marshes, a ginseng seed garden — that are now covered by the state’s general trespass and larceny laws.

Or cursed in front of a woman, maybe even your mom?

If so, and if you were in Michigan at the time, you may have committed a crime.

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