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No exploration drilling has yet been undertaken at Loma Bonita.Further to that, Azure geologists have suggested the deposit is likely a high sulphidation, epithermal deposit.For those of you that haven’t read my recent post on where I see commodity markets heading, I’m starting to take positions in companies in the precious metals space (particularly silver) as I see a possible rebound in metals prices in the not-too-distant future.Due to the recent down turn in the commodities sector, there are a number of exploration juniors that have found what appears to be high quality deposits, but haven’t yet experienced the rapid share price appreciation that they likely would have during bullish market conditions.Part of my current strategy is taking positions in these companies to take advantage of likely share price rises when the market turns for the better. AX) who have recently discovered what appears to be an extremely high grade silver deposit in Mexico.I got in Touch with Azure Managing Director Tony Rovira to discuss the companies developments.

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Having spent a bit more time getting the know the area, is this still your opinion?

TR: We’re continuing to undertake surface mapping and sampling over Loma Bonita and the areas further to the north.

This is quite a large area, certainly larger than the MDP ridge, hence it will take longer to define locations for drill sites and access tracks.

NI: On the geology front, in my opinion there’s likely there’s more mineralisation to be found with regards to both the feeder system and primary source of the mineralising fluids.

What are Azures thoughts on this and is there any plans to explore the area for the different mineralisation phases that might be associated with a broader mineralised system?

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