Consolidating to one nap

But figuring out just what that means can be a puzzle in itself.

Luckily there are some patterns that many parents and pediatricians alike swear by.

But for most toddlers, somewhere between the first birthday and the second, that second nap disappears. At least that’s how it can feel when your child fights an afternoon nap so much that you spend as much time trying to get him down as he spends actually sleeping.

While you may worry about your little one getting all the sleep that she needs with only a single siesta, being ready to shift to one nap is actually a sign that she’s sleeping more deeply at night—and that’s a good thing. The million-dollar question is, does he not need the nap anymore?

Whether you didn’t log as many hours of sleep as you wanted to last night or you just feel more tired than usual, a 20-minute nap may be just what you need.

This has worked for us so far as she sleeps through the night but with her starting nursery soon I would like to get her into their routine which is a 2 hour lunch nap.In order to fall into deep REM sleep, your muscles need to be relaxed.A neck pillow can come in handy, because it provides a…Babies can keep their eyes open for only a limited period of time—about two…College students are notorious for pulling all-nighters when big papers are due or finals are on the horizon, but sacrificing sleep has consequences.

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