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Suleman was married to Marco Guttierez between 19 but they separated in 2000, after Guttierez refused to be involved in the IVF process.

He claims he is not the father to any of Suleman’s kids.

Allegedly, two of the embryos split in to, producing twins.

Dr Michael Kamrava, who carried out the treatment, refuted Suleman’s claims, stating that Suleman insisted on ‘fresh cycles’, and still had embryos stored with Dr Kamrava.

I can understand the biological imperative to reproduce.

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Suleman claimed to the media after the birth of the octuplets in 2009 that she could independently support her children although she now admits she is struggling.

In 2008, Suleman claimed she had six embryos left over from her previous IVF treatments and therefore wanted all eight implanting so as to avoid any embryos being destroyed.

This practice in itself is unusual – usually only 2 or 3 embryos at the most are implanted.

During a 2011 investigation, it was found that Suleman had actually been implanted with twelve embryos with five fetuses being evident after just one month but Suleman refused selective reduction.

Kamrava had his medical license revoked, effective 1st July 2011. Suleman may, for whatever insane reason, not be intelligent enough to realise the implication of her actions but as a doctor, Kamrava should have known better.

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