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The extra work is justified by the potentially huge payoff.

My friends and I were fanatics of these shows (hey there, ).

When it does, global TV could start to look a lot less like the Americanization of global entertainment and more like a cultural exchange.“I haven’t seen any reliable data on the split between, say, US titles and international titles on Netflix, but I would assume it’s vastly biased towards US titles,” says Tony Gunnarsson, a TV and video analyst with market research firm Ovum.

He estimates that around 75 percent—or more—of Netflix's collection is currently comprised of American movies and television.

Part of the curiosity is the peek you get into the cultural differences of courtship in Japan.

For now, television trends around the world remain largely dictated by Western norms.

After launching in 130 more countries in January, one of the best ways Netflix can attract new subscribers is by offering them shows they already know.

Netflix pushed that tactic especially hard after launching in Japan in September.

But sometimes these cross-border TV deals require hefty post-production.

Growing up in the Philippines, my friends and I watched Koreanovelas and Taiwanese dramas on local networks, the audio meticulously dubbed in Tagalog, perfectly synced to the actors's speech.

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