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more things, well you’re going to be more strong-willed and independent in some routes and more dependent in others, kinda depends their personality.

As usual I went with the flow and didn’t follow any guide until later on.

Wakes up and she’s inside a church, paralyzed, with a collar on her neck, from where she hears a distorted voiced that tells her that she’s a subject to test for an experiment and she needs to investigate Adonis and the X-Days cases to understand their motives and reasons, and, who knows, after that she might become a sympathizer of their cause.

If she fails or tells the police, poison will be released from the collar and she’ll die, she starts to get a bit desperate with the situation but a group of 3 guys appear to help her, they were warned by letters to get in there and find her, they’re all former cops working independently as a team and she’s suppose to request their help to solve the cases.

Shiraishi brought me the balance I was searching for in terms of romance vs story, and he’s totally my number one in this game because I finally found a broken character in an !

I mean this is the type of characters we need nowadays, most people in this century feel broken and that doesn’t necessarily mean they are going to rape or murder you…

He’ll rarely tell her that he likes her or finds her cute but those moments are going to appear, also she’s the one that is going to confess to him and he’s like «Weren’t we already dating? My second route was with Shiraishi Kageyuki, and I didn’t even knew that you could only do him after unlocking one guy, I mean, I had one thing guaranteed from the first, it was more than evident that there was a mole in the police station and, if I had this option the first time, I surely had picked that one first.I’m starting to feel that they are falling into a pattern in terms of their games: first, they seem to be focusing too much in the story part and each time less in the dating sim part; secondly, many of their titles are going too much for my tastes, and I’m not saying that’s it’s the case with this one; thirdly, there’s always one guy, one route, that feels to be better made than any other and this is very unjust to the other bachelors. She’s 21 years old, has been working for the Special Regions Crime Prevention Office for half a year, she’s a very altruistic and hard-worker person and she has a clear view of what she thinks it’s just.One day she gets a call from her superior Mochida to help with a situation going on at the Shinjuku garden park, she’s nearby, goes there to help and gets hit in the back of her head, getting unconscious.So, basically the game is about you getting along with your partner, gaining his trust and finding clues to solve the murderers that have been happening.There are ten total cases, you won’t solve them all in one route, you have to play all guys for that, the cases are all connected with each other, and you’ll suspect that the guy that putted the collar on you is the leader of the organization…

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