Liquidating com

Instead of a distribution from retained earnings, stockholders receive a return of capital.Also a distribution of assets from a company that is going out of business.After depositing the documents, the liquidator must make an announcement in a nationally newspaper regarding the place the final account and the plan of distribution is stored for public inspection.

The Dutch company liquidation process is regulated by the Articles of Association in every company and by the Dutch commercial law.In two months time, the District Court must release a declaration of non objection that specify the fact that there are no objections against the liquidation.The liquidator must register the dissolution at the Trade Registry and with this last step, the liquidation is complete and the company ceases to exist.Stock shares trade down sharply in value until they are ultimately "delisted" and removed from the stock exchange.Corporate stock in a liquidation bankruptcy is ultimately worthless, since it represents ownership in a company with no assets that no longer functions as a going concern.

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