Is demi lovato and nick jonas dating

He deserves it.” As for how the longtime pals – who will kick off their Future Now tour in Atlanta on June 29 – navigated their successful transitions from their Disney days? When you start working at a young age, the only way you can transition is to allow yourself to grow with your fans and not rush or delay it – just live it honestly. The “Stone Cold” singer had a nervous breakdown in 2010 before facing her struggles with addiction, body dysmorphia and bipolar disorder; today, she champions body-positivity and mental health care reform.

And has the exchanged song in question been released yet? Whatever happens, remember it's all just still speculation at this point — or at least until Demi or Nick says something definitive.

There are literally thousands of photos of him on social media holding a cigar and just literally hanging out with cigars. It sounds like Demi is saying that she was frustrated with this person (AKA Nick) not understanding how much she actually liked him and the only way to express that was in song form. Had she assumed it was about her but was afraid to ask?

Of course, this is all speculation, but it's hard not to pinpoint him on this one. Demi wants to ruin her friendship with Nick because she wants to be more than friends – we've cracked the code, you guys! She put her heart on her sleeve and did something super courageous.

If you’re up to date on pop culture news, you should know that Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas are close friends.

The two met thanks to their Disney Channel connection, and have maintained a friendship ever since.

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