Elder oaks dating vs hanging out

I’m going to write in my own thoughts along with some of my notes on the talk.The fireside began with his wife – Kristin Oaks – who shared insights that seemed really applicable to my life.)His talk was on tolerance and truth, where tolerance is something different from what the world normally equates.

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All of us need to learn to respect the God-given dignity that is in all men – to love and respect their spirits and their divine potential.

(And from my own experience, many, many people now believe that even sexual morality is relative.

Tons of people who I’d normally think were sound and solid members of the Church think that the law of chastity shouldn’t apply to men or women with same-gender attraction.

In reality, the Gospel has the power to bring happiness no matter what is happening in my life…

and if I haven’t learned to use that power today, I won’t know how to use it tomorrow.

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