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Hello my name is Amy and I am a native English speaker from America.I recently moved to Hong Kong from Japan where I taught Glass Art at the University level and English to all ages.UR – Un-real UR – Your / You’re UR2YS4ME – You are too wise for me URA* – You are a star URH – You are hot (U R Hot) URSKTM – You are so kind to me URTM – You are the man URW – You are welcome USBCA – Until something better comes along USU – Usually UT – Unreal Tournament () software WAS – Wait a second WAS – Wild ass guess WAWA – Where are we at? W/B – Write back WB – Welcome back WBS – Write back soon WBU – What about you? – Meaning “a typical woman” XD – Meaning “really hard laugh” (where D is a smiley mouth) XD – Meaning a “devilish smile” XME – Excuse Me XOXOXO – Hugs & Kisses XLNT – Excellent XYL – Ex-young lady, meaning wife. YBIC – Your brother in Christ YBS – You’ll be sorry YCDBWYCID – You can’t do business when your computer is down YCHT – You can have them YCLIU – You can look it up YCMU – You crack me up YF – Young Female YG – Young gentleman YGTBKM – You’ve got to be kidding me YGG – You go girl YHBT – You have been trolled YHBW – You have been warned YHL – You have lost YIU – Yes, I understand YKW – You know what YKWYCD – You know what you can do YL – Young lady YMMV – Your mileage may vary YNK – You never know YR – Your YR – Yeah right YRYOCC – You’re running your own cuckoo clock YSIC – Your sister in Christ YSYD – Yeah sure you do YT – You there?WC – Welcome WC – Who cares WCA – Who cares anyway W/E – Whatever W/END – Weekend WE – Whatever WEP – Weapon () WH5 – Who, what, when, where, why WIBNI – Wouldn’t it be nice if WDALYIC – Who died and left you in charge WDYK – What do you know? Where XMeets Y – Vagina WIIFM – What’s in it for me? YTTL – You take too long YTG – You’re the greatest YW – You’re welcome YWHNB – Yes, we have no bananas YWHOL – Yelling “woohoo” out loud YWSYLS – You win some, you lose some YYSSW – Yeah, yeah, sure, sure, whatever Z – Zero Z Z’s – are calling (meaning going to bed/sleep) Z – Meaning “Said” Z% Zoo ZH – Sleeping Hour ZOMG – (Oh My God) ZOT – Zero tolerance ZUP – Meaning “What’s up?Mit den meisten Girls kann man auch eine Tonverbindung herstellen und somit lauschen, wie sie stöhnen und was sie dir ins Ohr flüstern.

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I’m happy to help primary and secondary students improve their language ability. I'm a musician, singer-song writer and an educator.

I also enjoy working with Adults who are interested in learning English and improving their daily conversation through reading, writing and stimulating conversation! I have been working in the music industry and teaching for 10 years. Most of them are learning classical piano or pop music for long term.

I create lessons geared towards individual students needs.

I enjoy making English learning fun and interesting for children through storytelling and playing while building their confidence in speaking, reading and writing.

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