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Viewing media aggression can be a risk factor for the long-term well being of viewers, and heroes have been targeted as a major risk factor in this relationship because they commit justified acts of aggression.

This study examined the impact of educational media use on young children’s (ages 2–5) reading and prereading skills in the context of various family stressors (lack of economic resources, family conflict, and maternal depression).

It is our goal to provide an inviting, educational, safe and pleasant environment for our young patrons and their families.

We encourage children to use the facility for reading. Our goal is to make the library a significant and beneficial part of their lives.

However, parents, guardians and caregivers should be mindful that the library is a public building open to all individuals, and that unattended children are vulnerable.

Therefore, for the protection of all of our patrons and library property, the following constitutes the library policy concerning child behavior and supervision.

Center for Safe Schools provides valuable information and resources related to school safety, violence prevention and positive outcomes for students, teachers and communities.

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