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” Mercede Johnston Pictures Set 2 Mercede Johnston Photo 5 Mercede Johnston Photo 6 Mercede Johnston Photo 7 Mercede Johnston Photo 8 Of Sarah Palin, she said at the time “I used to love Sarah.

But I’ve lost lots of respect for her.“ She had once wrote on My Space “My Sister in Law — Ooh how I love her”. In July this year, she was back swinging against the Palins.

After Palin promoted her book ‘Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far’, Johnston said the book should have been entitled ‘Not Afraid of Lies.’ Johnston said of Palin “sadly it is now very obvious that his [Levi’s] love was never truly reciprocated.

Now I don’t usually feel comfortable talking about another person’s …

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Mercede was one of the first to report a Palin and Johnston split after the two welcomed a new child, got engaged, and Johnston’s mother (Sherry Johnston) got arrested.

Mercede Johnston was paid no more than ,000 for her spread for Playboy magazine pictures, news reports claim this weekend.

Johnston, the sister of Levi Johnston, recently slammed his baby momma.

Although he's no stranger to being in the heat, hopefully Tiger used protection.

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