Sci fi speed dating chicago

Perhaps running a Sci-Fi Speed Dating event is so stressful that it actually does warrant an 0 fee for two and a half hours of work.

Perhaps the fee really is mentioned lots of places and perhaps -- somehow -- I managed to overlook every single very public posting of this information.

Charging for -- which means that, since there were about 40 dudes at my session, the host pocketed 0 -- seems crazy excessive.

In the waiting area, where I learned about the fee -- not from the event organizer and not from any signs to that effect, but from a fellow dater who had already paid it -- the dude who told me offered the rationale that he'd received at the registration table: "Well," they'd said, "how much do you usually spend on a first date?

" Laughter followed the comment -- I glanced around and chuckled nervously -- but I was actually rather offended by the suggestion that the men in attendance were so desperate for affection and sex that any woman in the room could pull any man in the room just like that.

And honestly, I think that attitude towards the men who sign up for Sci-Fi Speed Dating is the real reason that the host charges for this event.

My first encounter with him was when, after talking to the women, he came to meet the men waiting in the hall with these words: "It's to date.Moreover, even if it does make sense to charge a fee, seems excessive.It's not like participants hadn't already paid a goodly amount to get into the convention, and it's not as if the expense of hosting the event justified the cost: considering that the chairs and space were supplied by the convention center and that the materials used were oh-so-very low tech (ballpoint pens, index cards, and printer paper), I could host a similar event for less than total.Should I begin by setting the scene with a dramatic description of one of my more memorable encounters from the event?I have to describe the logistics of the event at some point -- should I open the article with those?

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