Dating divorced women with children

The daughter's appearance, behavior, and overall presence was a reflection of his ex-lover and I felt very unhappy about it.Fifth, I didn't see the point of dating a man who constantly favoured some other woman's kid over me.He worked during the weekdays then had to take care of his 5 year old daughter on the weekends. First, I wasn't happy that he met face to face with his ex-lover every single week.

I have found that men who have been married are a bit more structured and familiar with the little things.

Third, I felt like the daughter was stealing all his weekends.

Fourth, whenever he talked about his daughter, I just couldn't get enthused because she wasn't mine.

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As some of you know, I haven't been in a relationship or done any dating in about 6 years. Last week I put some profiles online, and started browsing some profiles of the women that are on the same sites.

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