Dating vox ac50

The front baffle was now divided by a thin gold-toned strip with the upper valence covered in fawn Rexine, and the lower grille covered in brown diamond cloth.

Ventilation was provided by three small brass vents on the top of the cabinet, and the TV-front's single suitcase type handle was replaced with three leather straps.

I just added a Conrad semi-hollowbody bass to my collection.

Its very nice but its floating bridge is way too high and its at the bottom of its adjustment range; looks like future surgery is in order.

Here'a few: Super Lynx Deluxe -sunburst - 320226 Spitfire -218559 Super Meteor - 228509 Dominator - 63380 Cougar Sunburst - 259397 Cougar Red - 295491 Cougar Fireburst (Crucianelli) - 70094 Country Western - 356216 I have started digging out guitars and related stuff and making lists so I can get them insured seperately. Theres a three pickup (Dominator) and a two pickup version, both labelled Shadows, and both in red.

About this time, the "Top Boost" (or "Brilliance") feature became available as Vox's optional addition of a rear panel-mounted circuit that introduced an extra gain stage and tone controls for bass and treble (as opposed to the single "tone" control of earlier AC30s).

The unit became so popular that its features were soon incorporated in newer AC30/6 models, and the controls moved from the rear panel to the control panel.

Tolex and grille clothed removed, but otherwise in good condition.

Anyone who has seen the recently restored dating vox ac50 of the Beatles' concert at the Washington Coliseum in February will be in no doubt as to how good these amplifiers sound.

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