Christian dating in a secular world

The world is still haunted by Gods presence even while our world seeks to give us meaning without the hope of real salvation or forgiveness.Everyone lives in what Smith calls the cross-pressures of our pluralistic society.How can we say that God blesses us and our lives when our non-Christian neighbors look happy and healthy?How can we say that we are better than those people out there who only want to be loved? "I am human and I want to be loved, just like everybody else..." to quote the rock band The Smiths.No one lives in the fundamentalist camps of either extreme atheism or religion anymore.Most people occupy the space in between those extremes and are constantly haunted by the other position: Am I missing out on something?

This tension has created a people searching for transcendence people looking for love and life. The expressive individualism of our culture leaves us alone because it is alone.If you live in this manner, God will not bless you.If you don't take his word on blind faith, God will not give you your hearts desires. Smith in his book (Eerdmans, May 2014) talks about the experience many young people go through and how it affects faith.Maybe, God is denying me the life of happiness I should have.Or, maybe this life of pure pleasure seeking is empty and hollow. Is there anyone who can hear my pain and emptiness and actually do something about it?

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