Relationship exchange dating

Blau stated that once this concept is understood, it is possible to observe social exchanges everywhere, not only in market relations, but also in other social relations like friendship.Social exchange process brings satisfaction when people receive fair returns for their expenditures.This set of theoretical ideas represents the core of Homans's version of social exchange theory.

They developed a theoretical framework based on the interdependence of actors.By studying such forms of behavior he hoped to illuminate the informal sub-institutional bases of more complex social behavior, typically more formal and often institutionalized.According to Homans, social structures emerge from elementary forms of behavior.The "satisfactory-ness" of the rewards that a party gains from an exchange relationship is judged relative to some standard, which may vary from party to party.Even though Homans took an individualistic approach, a major goal of his work was to explicate the micro-foundations of social structures and social exchange.

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