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However, it is more expensive, lacks an oven light, and doesn’t offer a pizza stone like the Cuisinart.” permalink We saw another deal on this drone and remote combo earlier today at 0, but this drop takes the two all the way down to 0 if your willing to go with the Meadow Green color.

Once again, the inclusion of the DJI Part 4 Remote Controller, a 0 value, really clinches the deal.

But it costs nearly twice as much as our top pick and has the lowest capacity of any fountain we tested, so it’s not worth it for everyone.” permalink This drop to 0 takes the 500 GB Samsung 860 Evo 2.5-inch SATA III SSD to within of the lowest price we’ve seen for it.

It’s been closer to 0 in recent weeks, and while it sees this 0 price pretty regularly, it’s still a solid deal for it until we see deeper discounts than the 5 low.

Andrew Cunningham wrote, “The 860 Evo replaces the 850 Evo, which was our main SSD pick for three years.

The language on the site might not be something you want your children reading and the pictures on the site may be of things you don't want your kids to see.— Adam Burakowski, Deals Editor If you’re seeking a high-end water fountain for your pet, the Pet Kit Eversweet Pet Water Fountain is back on sale, matching the sales we saw earlier this week.At , the discount brings this model, which includes nice upgrades like auto turn-off, closer to the price of some of our other picks.We saw one flash sale in November of last year take it lower, but otherwise this tends to be as low as it gets.The Breville Smart Oven is our runner-up pick in our guide to the best toaster oven.

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