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So before you get mad at your boyfriend for his silence, remember that it's literally difficult for him to verbalize his feelings. – The researchers noted that when asked to explain how they got the answer, most of the boys gave an explanation without using any words; they wiggled, acted and gestured their process! -So over the following few weeks the researchers taught the girls to explain their answers with movement and then retested everyone. “The Nurture Assumption” 214) These differences also ring true in our close relatives.– The girls were now able to solve the math problems as quickly as the boys. Groups of boys play differently than groups of girls Boys: larger play groups they focus on the game itself rough n' tumble very competitive confrontational establish dominance & test hierarchies claim territory and monopolize toys show off their physical strength struggle for social rank and are more likely to use threats Girls: focus on relationship building take turns 20 times more often than boys do more likely to make collaborative proposals (like starting their sentences with let's) their pretend play is usually about caregiving and relationships (Brizendine. For example, long tailed male macaque are six times more likely to engage in rough and tumble play than female macaque , who prefer baby-sitting baby monkeys. “61) By the time boys are in first grade they get a dopamine rush when they display their power, and some studies have indicated that unanimously agreed upon hierarchies will form in nursery school, and stay stable for at least 6 months.– And it's a skill we're born with: a study of infants on the day of their birth showed that girls will respond more to the cries of another baby than boys. She will repeat herself, several times, which makes his brain register her voice as "unwanted repetitious acoustic stimuli" …and before you know it, it devolves to "he never listens" and "she's always nagging." And a lot of us will get stuck in a feedback loop of behaviour, creating a fascinating ‘chicken or the egg scenario’…does my mom say the same thing 500 hundred times because my dad doesn't hear her, or does my dad tune her out because she repeats herself? Females can verbally express their emotions better than males The key word here is , as in, have the ability to.This is not, as some will have you believe, a difference caused by societal gender norms: This is a legitimate brain difference.They were given a choice between looking at a young woman's face or a dangling mobile.The researchers were not told the sex of the babies while they recorded their eye movement.

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Could it be that kids prefer playing with those similar to themselves?The girls had a preference for dolls, and the boys had a strong preference for trucks.Many would argue this is socialized gender behaviour…but an important thing to note about one and a half year olds is that they have trouble assigning themselves and others the correct gender.-It seems that the male and female brains have access to the same circuitry but use differently circuitry by default. And the boys at the top are not necessarily the biggest; they're the boys who are least likely to back down during a conflict. “The Male Brain” 22-24) Even males castrated shortly after birth and raised as females still tend to be the dominant ones in the group. “The Nurture Assumption” 222) You know what's the most interesting thing about group play?That when given the option, boys and girls naturally segregate.

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